Agriya Milk - The Signature Design and Web Solutions




Agriya Milk specializes in providing a range of high-quality agricultural products and services that cater to diverse needs. The brand provides the natural goodness of A2 milk, sourced from carefully nurtured cows. Rich in A2 beta-casein protein, their milk ensures a healthier and more digestible option.

Scope of Work

Logo Design, Package Design, Product Photoshoots, Social Media, Website Development.

Logo Design

Our client’s vision was to establish a distinct brand identity through the logo, one that resonates with the essence of the product. Our creative effort resulted in a logo that is memorable and effectively conveys the brand’s essence in a memorable manner.

Product Photoshoot

We focused on capturing the creamy texture and rich color of A2 milk, allowing viewers to almost taste and feel the freshness through the images.

Packaging Design

We used a minimalist approach that evokes a sense of purity and transparency, aligning with the brand’s commitment to quality. Also, Clear labeling ensures that vital product information is easily accessible, enhancing consumer trust.

Social Media

Our social media marketing strategy for the Agriya Milk brand is designed to not only promote the product but to cultivate a community centered around health, wellness, and the joy of pure dairy. From informative posts about the benefits of A2 milk to heartwarming stories about farm practices, every piece is crafted to engage and educate.

Website Development

Our aim for the website was to create a reflection of the brand’s values and a hub where customers can explore, learn, and connect with the nourishing world of A2 milk.