Outstanding is a new and stylish clothing label. The brand perfectly blends fashion with artistry and elegance in its exceptional clothing collection. We worked to establish a strong identity with brand promotion and online presence.

Scope of Work

Brand identity, Photography, Logo creation, and Social Media Presence.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

We designed a Logo with precision and creativity. The typography chosen was a reflection of its identity – sleek, contemporary, and legible. We developed a brand voice that echoed Outstanding’s ethos, resonating with its target customers.


Our approach to photoshoots is a mix of creativity, planning, and attention to detail, all focused on capturing the soul of the brand in every picture.

Social Media

Our first step was to strategically choose the platforms that aligned with Outstanding’s target audience and brand identity. We tracked engagement, analyzed audience demographics, and fine-tuned our strategies to ensure that we were continuously meeting our audience’s preferences