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Alive & Sleek


Alive & Sleek offers top-notch healthcare apparel solutions to deliver exceptional quality and care. The Brand blends talent and technology to create designs and clothing that enable our healthcare heroes to perform at their best, all while ensuring their absolute comfort.

Scope of Work

Brand Identity, Catalog design, Photo Shoots, Video Shoots, Social Media, Content Creation, E-commerce Website.

Brand Identity

As per client requirements, all promotional materials, from brochures to advertisements maintained a consistent look and feel. We ensured that the design and content of the brand’s website and its presence on social media platforms reflect the brand identity.

Company Profile

We began by deeply understanding the essence and vision of Alive and Sleek. This involved delving into the company’s mission, values, and commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of its customers/healthcare professionals.

To present a comprehensive view of Alive and Sleek, we meticulously structured the profile. This included sections covering the company’s background, products, core values, and the unique value it brings to its audience.

Further, we crafted compelling and engaging content that not only informed but also inspired readers. To make the profile visually captivating, we integrated high-quality images and the company’s logo, ensuring a polished and professional appearance.

Catalog Design

We aimed for a consistent color scheme and typography and used high-resolution images. To design the catalog with the target audience in mind, we offered them a visually appealing and informative experience that aligns with Alive & Sleek’s brand identity.


By carefully planning and executing the shoot, we created every visual that resonate with the audience. For photoshoots, we established a concept that aligns with the brand’s identity and message. For example, we focused on the comfort and functionality of the apparel.

Video Shoot

For video shoots, as per our objective for the video, we focused on- introducing a new product line, highlighting unique features, and sharing the brand’s story. 

Social Media

We collaborated with Influencers to promote products authentically. We Shared high-quality images and videos of healthcare apparel, highlighting their features, quality, and comfort.

E-commerce Website

With careful planning and attention to customer experience, we created a successful E-commerce website for the global audience that is clean and user-friendly and aligns with Alive & Sleek’s brand identity.