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“Threadly Yours” is more than an apparel brand! It represents the threads of India’s traditions and art forms into the fabric of the future. With every stitch and pattern, the brand carries forward age-old practices, ensuring that the stories of our land are beautifully interwoven into the fabric and attire artworks.

Scope of Work

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Photoshoots, Videoshoots, Influencer Marketing, E-commerce Website development, Social Media

Logo Design

As our client Dr. Sanjana Patel wanted a distinctive logo and identity, In response to our client’s aspirations we explored, researched and created one which visually communicates the strength, grace, and inclusivity and also defines an apparel brand.

Brand Identity

We aimed for sophistication and elegance in the apparel through the Color palette, Typography, Visual elements, Imagery Style, Voice and Tone, and Packaging design.


Our approach to photoshoots revolved around narrative concepts, location, styling and details, and diverse models.

Video Shoot

From color grading to editing styles, our video shoots maintain a cohesive visual language, strengthening the brand’s identity.

Celebrity Management

We partnered with celebrities whose values align with Threadly Yours, ensuring authenticity and seamless integration of the brand into their content. From Instagram posts and stories we leveraged various formats to engage diverse audiences.

E-commerce Website Development

Our e-commerce website development strategy aimed to create a user-friendly and visually engaging platform that enhances the shopping experience for customers.

Social Media

Our strategy was to create a captivating online presence for the apparel brand. We made the brand stand out online by using Instagram and Facebook.